Jamie Otis And Doug Hehner Pregnant Again After Sad Miscarriage 3 Months Prior!

Jamie Otis And Doug Hehner Pregnant Again After Sad Miscarriage 3 Months Prior!
Credit: Source: ibtimes.com

According to new reports, stars of Married At First Sight, Jamie Otis and Doug Hehner are going to be parents of two after experiencing a very painful miscarriage three months ago! The happy couple shared the great news on their Hot Marriage Cool Parents podcast.

‘We’re expanding our family. Jamie and Doug are now pregnant and we are going to be parents of two. Henley is going to be a big sister. Something we have been trying for a while has finally come to fruition and I cannot wait to meet our little baby boy,’ Doug said.

Jamie then jumped in to say that he only hopes it’s a boy but that they do not actually know yet.

The woman went on to share how much she has been struggling during this second pregnancy, saying that she’s really ‘nauseous’ and ‘could barely keep her eyes open.’

As for the sex of the baby, despite her husband hoping they have a son this time around, she told their listeners she is actually hoping they have another girl so their 16 months old daughter Gracie could have a sister to be her best friend.

But Doug insisted that he just feels like it is going to be a boy! It sounds like he really, really wants to have a son but only time will tell!

Aside from talking about it on their podcast, the pair also shared a pic on Instagram that featured cute little Gracie wearing a onesie.

In the caption, they wrote: ‘Santa Is Promoting Me To Big Sister.’

It was in April that Jamie and Doug announced they were ready to try and have another baby.

In September, she announced she was expecting again but unfortunately, only one day after, she miscarried.


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