Jamie Lee Curtis Reacts To "True Lies" Co-Star Eliza Dushku's Misconduct Allegations

Jamie Lee Curtis Reacts To "True Lies" Co-Star Eliza Dushku's Misconduct Allegations
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Jamie Lee Curtis, Eliza Dushku's mother on the set of True Lies with Arnold Schwarzenegger, came out in support of the Bring It On star following the revelation of her alleged molestation while working on the 1994 film directed by James Cameron. The 59-year-old actress wrote an essay in The Huffington Post on the 14th of January where she claimed that Dushku told her the story a few years ago.

Celebrity Insider reported earlier that the Wrong Turn actress revealed she was victimized by her stunt coordinator, Joel Kramer, while they worked on the set of the film.

Dushku said she broke her ribs on the same day when an adult female friend of hers at the time confronted Kramer about the incident.

Curtis said it was a terrible situation because Joel was a stunt coordinator who was primarily in charge of their safety. She noted stunts often require a lot of trust, so to betray that confidence is genuinely nefarious.

Jamie Lee hopes that regulations and guidelines will be set in place for the future which will protect people regardless of their age, race, job, gender, or biological sex.

Additionally, the Halloween alum revealed the harrowing realization of Eliza's abuse while Jamie Lee and Arnold were parents at the time. It's a painful fact to have to reconcile.

In response to the charges, Kramer denied all of the allegations and said they're "vile lies," and he "never molested this young woman, ever." The former stunt co-ordinator asked, "why come out with the charges now?"

Joel Kramer is just one of many Hollywood workers to face charges of abuse in the last six months, with Harvey Weinstein being perhaps the most scandalous.

Following the publication of the New York Times' exposé regarding his alleged crimes, a cascade of accusations came out hitting many prominent figures in journalism, film, television, broadcasting, and society at large.

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