Jamie Lee Curtis Coming To CBS In New Funeral Home Sitcom, 'Quality Of Life'

Jamie Lee Curtis Coming To CBS In New Funeral Home Sitcom, 'Quality Of Life'

Veteran actress and scream queen Jamie Lee Curtis is moving to CBS with a new sitcom co-created by Curtis herself. Quality of Life will star Curtis as the matriarch of a family that's been running a funeral home for several generations.

Curtis will produce the new show alongside Will & Grace writer/producer Janis Hirsch, who developed the idea with Curtis and will write the pilot.

This will be Curtis' second time playing a lead role on a television series after two seasons as Dean Cathy Munsch on Ryan Murphy's Scream Queens .

The horror/comedy series, which garnered Curtis a Golden Globe nomination, was canceled by FOX executives earlier this year.

Weirdly enough, Curtis has actually been in the news a lot in the last week, with several major Hollywood projects being announced.

The biggest news was that Curtis will reprise her iconic role as Laurie Strode in next Halloween film from Danny McBride and David Gordon Green.

There was also an announcement last week that FOX will adapt her 1994 film, True Lies , with Arnold Schwarzenegger, into a television series (though neither actor is expected to be involved).

Curtis has had a few other minor roles on television recently: as Jess' mother on the sitcom New Girl and as a love interest for Mark Harmon's character on NCIS.

The latter was a reunion of sorts, as Harmon actually played the love interest of Curtis' character in the 2003 film, Freaky Friday , co-starring Lindsay Lohan.

The upcoming Halloween film will be the first film role for Curtis since 2015's Spare Parts and the 2014 television movie Only Human .

Curtis, the daughter of famed actor Tony Curtis and actress Janet Leigh, is married to comedian and director Christopher Guest. In addition to her acting roles, she is noted as a celebrated writer and a blogger for The Huffington Post.


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  • ednafutz
    ednafutz Sep 20, 2017 1:27 PM PDT

    Ok...Jaime Lee Curtis is starring in a show about a funeral home...omg!! I'm sure it will be campy and she's great so good luck! I have to say something about some shows I watch on TVland, channel 52 in Sacramento, CA. One is Everybody Loves Raymond...I swear the show is a page straight out of what my life as it might have been if I had married a certain ex of mine...it's characters remind me of him and I right down to the way we look...his overbearing mother, big oaf of a best friend and wife. I have to laugh at it. The other is the new show, "Mom". Just like my daughter and myself, well not everything the the relationship dynamics. I get a big kick out of thes new shows, "Younger" is funny and so is "Teachers".

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