Jamie Foxx’s Stunning Protégée, Sela Vave, Posts Alluring Bathing Suit Photos -- This Is Another Reason To Anger Ex Katie Holmes

Jamie Foxx’s Stunning Protégée, Sela Vave, Posts Alluring Bathing Suit Photos -- This Is Another Reason To Anger Ex Katie Holmes
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After rumors came out that Jamie Foxx might be in a relationship with Sela Vave, he has fiercely denied any involvement with the 21-year-old singer and model.

However, many of his fans refused to take the hint, and have been scouring the Internet for more information about the possible relationship between the two.

The Instagram profile of Sela has come under a lot of attention recently for this very reason, and people have been drooling over her sexy bikini photos that she has been posting.

And while her Instagram account was not initially that popular, it looks like she is gaining followers fast.

Jamie’s protégée only has less than 300 photos posted so far, but many of them have received lots of comments already, with people pointing out how stunning she looked.

Sela has also described herself as an actress and model in her bio although she seems to be much more focused on her career as a model at the moment.

She likes to post selfies and various other kinds of typical modeling/sexy photos on a regular basis, and many have predicted that she is going to enjoy a lot more attention for those pictures in the coming weeks.

However, there is still no confirmation on the horizon regarding her involvement with Jamie.

Neither side has made any statements on the situation so far, other than the denials that came from Jamie Foxx himself.

It is possible that he is just waiting for the right time to make the official announcement though, as some of his fans seem to suspect.

It is being claimed that Katie Holmes, who recently split from Jamie, is upset about the romance with Sela.

A source told Radar Online : “They had an agreement to play fair and not embarrass the other by stepping out with anyone else in public – but Jamie’s done exactly that, and she’s livid.”

“They had an open arrangement, provided he never rubbed her face in it, which of course he’s done over and over again. She’s furious, but he’s just rolling his eyes and telling her to stop breaking his balls and chill out.”

Jamie is adamant that he is just helping the young woman launch her musical career and find success in Hollywood.

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  • J.A.S.
    J.A.S. Sep 5, 2019 5:03 AM PDT

    Has anyone noticed whatever Sela wears and however she styles her hair, the next day, Katie is doing her 'daily advertising of freebies walk' in NY wearing (or trying to) the same style clothes and doing her hair the same way Sela did. 'monkey see, monkey do' syndrome. Probably thinks she'll get Jamie back if she looks like Sela. HAHAHAHA. Too bad Katie. You're old and fork done. Sela is young, gorgeous and hot!

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