Jamie Foxx Slams Kanye West For His Recent Slavery Remarks And TMZ Interview

Jamie Foxx Slams Kanye West For His Recent Slavery Remarks And TMZ Interview
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Kanye West continues to dominate the headlines all over the media from tabloid journalism to more "established" news sources like the New York Times.

Ye sparked outrage when he tweeted a picture of himself wearing a "Make America Great Again" hat and said he and the president shared "Dragon Blood."

It got worse when he did a live interview with TMZ where he insinuated that the real struggles faced by black Americans were mental rather than institutional or a result of historical circumstances, ie, slavery.

Because of the misinterpretation of what Kanye actually said, a plethora of prominent media organizations published reports claiming that Kanye stated slavery was merely a "choice."

The fallout was swift as many people in the black community as well as in hip-hop condemned his choice of words including Eve, will.I.am, and Chris Brown, among others.

Chance The Rapper didn't have Kanye's back either, although, at first the rapper stated that black people "didn't have to be Democrats." It appears as though Jamie Foxx is taking his turn at bat, as the Hollywood actor criticized Kanye as well, albeit, in a more subtle manner.

In a video captured by TMZ, Foxx insinuates that it was wrong for the publication to videotape Kanye when he's in such a mental state, suggesting that the rapper needs mental help.

Foxx went on to passive-aggressively make fun of the rapper, saying that it looks like he's struggling through some difficult times. The Academy Award-winner said he would be there for Kanye if he called. "I know my man needs some help and if you need me, call me."

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