Jamie Foxx Questions Tyrese South African Reverse Racism Claims

Jamie Foxx Questions Tyrese South African Reverse Racism Claims
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Tyrese took to Instagram with a controversial post that depicts white people as slaves to black people and manicurists of Asian people in a post-and-delete. Jamie Foxx wants answers after the Baby Boy actor claims that reverse racism is going on in South Africa.

Tyrese was bombarded by South African commentators who took to multiple social media platforms to slam him after he told followers to look up what's going on in South Africa on Youtube.

One person tweeted: ' @ Tyrese How could you even conceive the idea that black South South Africans are doing what slave masters did to Africans? What was your motive especially at the time of such heightened racial tensions? Did you do this for # AllLivesMatter against # BlackLivesMatter ? What is this?'

Another South African celebrity tweeted: 'Everyone must report Tyrese's Insta post about South Africa and have his account taken down net vir daai rubbish.'

The father of two responded with a video that was made by right-wing conservatives edited to make it seem as though multiple black celebrities deny the existence of systemic racism.

This not only angered followers, but also his peer Jamie Foxx.

The actor directly commented on Tyrese's misleading post: 'Huh???? WTF is this post for?? I'm confused. Race doesn't matter???!! Look at what we goin threw right now... what does this post mean?? Who is this for??'

He added: 'Again I say! What is this post for??? During this horrific time for us? Why are we even talking about what these guys are saying from the comfort of a press junket?? Cmon man we can't be this comfortable. Think about the pain these families are going threw Because of the color of their skin.'

Tyrese eventually deleted the posts leaving Jamie -- and many others -- confused as to why he would share such a thing at a time like this.

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