Jamie Foxx Bulks Up To Portray Mike Tyson In New Film

Jamie Foxx Bulks Up To Portray Mike Tyson In New Film
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Jamie Foxx is going to look just like Mike Tyson. TMZ reported today that Jamie has been working hard at making himself similar in appearence to the notorious boxer, including the athlete's speech pattern and voice.

At the moment, Foxx is in the process of creating a new biopic about Mike Tyson in which he'll star as both the old and new boxing legend. Jamie has been trying to complete the project for years, TMZ reported.

During a new episode of Catching Up With Mark Birnbaum , Jamie revealed his workout routine. Thus far, the Ray star has been doing around 60 pull-ups, 100 push-ups, and 60 dips, per day. The star said that it's making a big difference on the top of his body.

Regarding his legs and calves, however, Jamie said he and the makeup department have to create prosthetics. According to Foxx, he'll weigh around 216 pounds when filming finally begins. He starts off the movie as the young Mike and then will transition into the much older version of Tyson.

The star said that he'll then put on even more weight, up to 225 and 230, which he says will look more like 250 on the screen. Jamie has been stoked at the idea of starring as Mike Tyson for a long time. The star previewed the opening scene back in 2015.

It's been five years. Jamie has been in the news media for other reasons lately, including when he stood up for his friend in the comedy world, Jimmy Fallon after an old sketch of him wearing blackface was revealed.

Foxx said on his social media that Jimmy wasn't even wearing blackface, he was dressed up to look like Chris Rock. In other words, Jamie's point was that Jimmy wasn't dressed up in such a way to mock black people, but instead, Chris Rock, specifically.

According to the Academy Award winner, comedians are struggling right now with the current political climate, but he doesn't think that Fallon was in the wrong. Fans of Foxx know that he and Katie Holmes just got out of a long-term relationship.

Not long after, it was reported that he was shacking up with a much younger woman, but he denied these allegations.

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