James Woods, Sara Miller On Day Three Of California Wildfires Successful Twitter Outreach

James Woods, Sara Miller On Day Three Of California Wildfires Successful Twitter Outreach
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It's late Saturday night on the East Coast where James Woods is safe from the fires that have destroyed over 175,000 acres in California. His girlfriend and he have spent much of the day teaming up on Twitter where they have perfected a system allowing them to disseminate pertinent information regarding the three major fires that have turned the state into a blazing inferno. The Camp Fire, Hill Fire, and Woolsey Fire have claimed 11 lives and the death toll is expected to rise.

Earlier on Saturday, Woods shared that his partner, writer Sara Miller peruses the two hashtags he created for information about missing and endangered people, lost and found animals, people volunteering help and resources and tips. When she finds information, she forwards it to Woods who then tweets it to his two million fans and followers.

The method is working.

On day three of James Woods' Twitter outreach, the movement has gone viral and participants continue to join. Lost pets and missing people have been found and all agree that his Twitter bulletin board is a success.

You may see James Woods' Twitter timeline and latest tweets below.

There's no doubt that Woods and Miller are devoting tremendous amounts of energy to their campaign and the public has taken notice. Though James Woods is known for being an outspoken proponent of President Trump, the outreach has reached across party lines and drew praise from Donald Trump Jr.

James Woods offered Alyssa Milano assistance with finding someone to evacuate her horses and drew ire from followers who questioned his act of generosity.

The user asked why anyone would want to help Alyssa Milano and Woods clearly explained that her animals were in danger and she needed help.

Donald Trump Jr. retweeted the remark and left his own comment.

"Well said and well done @RealJamesWoods! We need to be able to set aside even deep political differences more often to do the right thing and be human. Great example for others to hopefully follow."

And more people are following suit. As the third-day winds down, more people have reached out to James Woods sharing their praise for the actor who has put away politics to become an example for us all.

Have you been touched by James Woods and Sara Miller's efforts?


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