James Woods Is Banned From Twitter And Now People Want Jim Carrey Banned After Kay Ivey Abortion Art

James Woods Is Banned From Twitter And Now People Want Jim Carrey Banned After Kay Ivey Abortion Art
Credit: Source: Jim Carreyy/James Woods/Getty

James Woods is still banned from Twitter and many of his followers say that he should either be allowed to return, or Twitter should follow suit and ban Jim Carrey.

Jim Carrey stirred controversy on Saturday when he drew a picture of Alabama governor Kay Ivey as an aborted fetus. The drawing infuriated conservatives and pro-life supporters, many of whom felt it crossed a line that James Woods never touched.

One Twitter followers expressed her outrage.

"OMG... why does @JimCarrey get to continue spreading such wicked violence on Twitter? @RealJamesWoods was a Boy Scout contributor compared to this Hannibal Lecter creature. Disgusting man!!! Ban him @jack!"

You may see Jim Carrey's original tweet that has sparked controversy below.

Another user stated that Twitter's policy that banned James Woods yet keeps Jim Carrey online is hypocritical. One user stated the following.

"Two thoughts:

1. Jim Carrey is mentally ill, and needs help

2. That he continues to post with impunity in such vile and blatant disregard for rules while the likes of James Woods are banned for far less clearly shows @Twitter's hypocrisy and editorial bias."

What do you think about the controversy? Do you think that Twitter is being hypocritical by letting Jim Carrey's artwork stay yet banning James Woods for using the #hangemall hashtag?

James Woods' girlfriend has spoken on his behalf. She is on Twitter as @millerita and shared this message shortly after James Woods was banned that included the Tweet that resulted in him being locked out of his Twitter account.

She followed it with a statement indicating that Twitter is letting liberals get away with much more than Conservatives.

"Thank goodness Twitter is protecting us from conservatives who reference history and quote Emerson. Meanwhile, liberals get a free ride on the hate bus... "

Jim Carrey's art depicting Kay Ivey as an aborted fetus has gone viral and has more than 90,000 likes.

Do you feel that James Woods should be allowed back on Twitter and that he and Jim Carrey both have the right to free speech? Do you think James Woods' tweet was more offensive than Jim Carrey's art? Who do you think is right and who should be banned?


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