James Woods, Craig Sawyer Reach Out To Despondent Heroic Veteran After Worrisome Tweet

James Woods, Craig Sawyer Reach Out To Despondent Heroic Veteran After Worrisome Tweet
Credit: Source: Brian R. Ballou/Boston Globe

A tweet by a heroic veteran sent Twitter into a desperate search for the man and drew public shows of support, concern, and prayer from social media, James Woods and Craig Sawyer. Andrew MacMasters is a former Marine who enlisted with his father after the deadly terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001. On November 19, 2018, MacMasters sent out a tweet indicating he was in a low place and needed help.

His cries prompted James Woods to take immediate action which in turn, rallied his 2 million followers in support. Woods asked MacMasters to reach out and speak with him. Soon, messages of compassion for the veteran flooded Twitter.

A little after 1 am on November 20, 2018, the word came through that Andrew MacMaststers had been safely located. Both James Woods and Craig Sawyer stated they wanted to speak to him.

Woods had even given his personal phone number to police that Andrew might call him when found.

Woods was quick to begin searching for MacMasters and he didn't limit himself to online-only communication.

As soon as the public saw MacMasters' tweet, James Woods followed the Marine vet on Twitter so they could DM each other. The public became gravely concerned when MacMasters' Twitter and Facebook accounts suddenly vanished. Woods contacted authorities in a desperate attempt to prevent the Marine from doing something rash.

Craig Sawyer is a fellow Marine and Navy Seal Sniper who also shared his public support to MacMasters and prayed for him. MacMasters followed both James Woods and Craig Sawyer before his Twitter account was shut down. So far, it doesn't appear MacMasters reached out to either man.

It's unknown whether MacMasters saw all of the messages of support he was receiving.

In 2006, "Boston Globe" staff writer Brian R. Ballou wrote a piece about Andrew MacMasters and his father George MacMaster (he dropped the "S" from his name) as both father and son had enlisted at the same time.

Andrew MacMasters was wounded in Iraq and suffered severe burns to his hands. Ballou wrote about the incident that MacMasters attributed to his car detonating.

"MacMasters said he ducked his head into the assault vehicle, but the force of the blast had already blown his helmet off: Several pieces of shrapnel lodged in his head and part of his ear was gone. He struggled to get his arms down. After dropping into the vehicle, he saw the pinkie on his left hand dangling by a small piece of skin. He stared at his hands as the skin melted off. He was evacuated and eventually was sent to Brooke Army Medical Center in San Antonio, which has a renowned burn center. Doctors amputated the tip of his left pinkie and grafted skin from his legs onto his hands.

Andrew MacMasters' current situation remains unknown, except for a tweet by someone close to him alerting the public he was safe.

After reports came to light that Andrew was okay, social media responded with messages of support, praise, and love.

Update: Actor James Woods is still waiting for official confirmation that MacMasters is okay and would still like to speak with him directly to offer him support and encouragement.

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