James Van Der Beek Shares Emotional Tribute To Wife Kimberly After Miscarriage

James Van Der Beek Shares Emotional Tribute To Wife Kimberly After Miscarriage
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James Van Der Beek shared an emotional and touching tribute to his wife, Kimberly following her miscarriage.

The Dawson's Creek alum has a newfound respect for his lady love, and he wanted the whole world to know it. James used Instagram to share a picture of his beautiful wife, peacefully resting on Thanksgiving. They were surrounded by nothing but love on the holiday, as the family is still reeling from their loss .

"In a place of newfound gratitude to have @vanderkimberly in this world today. Got really scary for a minute there, scary enough to wake me up to how much appreciation I have for so many things I just take for granted. Also, thankful for all of you," James began his post.

He went on to question whether or not it is healthy to be thankful for social media followers, but James decided it was ok.

"I'll admit, I paused for a moment, wondering if it was healthy to be thankful for one's IG following, but it's the quality of people on here I'm grateful for, not so much the quantity. I'd never been so open, especially with tragedy, as I've been these last few weeks, and you responded with love and support and prayers and shared your own stories, and we felt the energy and it helped. So, thank you," he concluded his message.

It has been almost two weeks since James revealed on Dancing With The Stars that his wife suffered a miscarriage. Fans, family and friends showed unwavering support for the Van Der Beek family upon learning of their loss.

James' DWTS competitor, Ally Brooke, even tried to give him her spot in the finale of the ABC show. He was eliminated on the same night the miscarriage news broke. The reality TV show didn't allow the change, but it was a very nice gesture on Ally's part.

During the finale, the actor used Instagram stories to express his support for Ally. He let his followers know she tried again off air the previous week to give him her spot in the DWTS finale.

In honor of Thanksgiving and their recent loss, James Van Der Beek shared an emotional tribute to his wife Kimberly. It has been a challenging couple of weeks for the actor and his family. The loss though has given him a new appreciation for his wife, his loved ones and his fans.


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