James Van Der Beek Says He Loves His Crying-Face Meme

James Van Der Beek Says He Loves His Crying-Face Meme
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James Van Der Beek has a positive attitude toward the notorious crying-face meme using his face. Page Six reported that the actor recently said to them, "I don't really hate it," while at the premiere for Girl From The North Country.

The actor explained his facial expression, claiming that as an actor, he put everything into being as sincere as possible, and an artist never knows what's actually going to stick.

While the way in which it "stuck," so to speak, could be interpreted as bad for Mr. James, the actor thinks it has been used in the most hilarious way.

James added that when people use it to mock others, it's actually pretty funny, and he "gets a kick out of it." Internet culture enthusiasts will recognize the crying-face of James Van Der Beek from his role in the classic 1990s and early 2000s teen drama , Dawson's Creek.

Since the show aired, and the meme became popular, it has been used in a plethora of ways. Reportedly, Mr. Van Der Beek, 42, will be in a Washington DC production of the play, Bye Bye Birdie , alongside Harvey Fierstein at the Kennedy Center.

In addition to James' acting career, he's also a father of not one but five children. Nick Markus reported two years ago in 2018 that James and his wife welcomed a fifth child, and the Dawson's Creek alum shared the news with his social media following.

James said on his social media that it was a girl, and they named her Gwendolyn. Currently, James and his wife have four girls and one boy, Annabel Leah, Emilia, Olivia, Gwendolyn, and a 6-year-old son named Joshua.

At the time, the immigration border controversy involving immigrant children at the US-Mexico border was in the news.

For that reason, James Van Der Beek wrote in his post at the time that it was awful to hear that other parents were being separated from their children. James expressed gratitude for being in the position he was in. He said he had to speak up about the "atrocity."

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