James Taylor From The Bachelorette Defends His Criticism Of NFL Players For "Taking The Knee"

James Taylor From The Bachelorette Defends His Criticism Of NFL Players For "Taking The Knee"
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James Taylor from The Bachelorette defended his initial tweets yesterday that criticized the NFL players who chose to "take a knee," during the national anthem. Taylor - who was trying to win JoJo Fletcher's heart on the 12th season of the dating series - initially tweeted that he "stood for the anthem in Pittsburgh," and he wanted others to as well.

Just as a recap, Donald Trump recently released a firestorm of Tweets regarding players in the NFL protesting him as a president.

It all started when Colin Kaepernick chose to sit on his knee during the National Anthem in protest of police brutality in the United States.

Several NFL teams and their coaches, trainers, and even owners claimed that Trump's response to their "taking of the knee," was too much, and they were "disappointed" in his reaction.

Taylor wrote, "just saying, comment if you stand for freedom." Not long after, the reality star took to Twitter to defend his initial sentiments.

In his Instagram post seen above, the reality star claimed that "love is the most important thing" and he decided to take out the caption.

In an interview with Us Weekly - after the former Bachelorette star was criticized for his views - Taylor opened up about the entire NFL/Trump fiasco that has been dominating headlines.

According to Taylor, there is a time and place for protesting the injustices in the world, and during the National Anthem is not one of them. James claimed, "there is a time and a place for it." The ex-star of The Bachelorette added it's not necessary to disrespect the American flag as well as the constitution and he'll "definitely stand behind that."


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