James Hetfield From Metallica Cancels Australian And New Zealand Tour For Rehab

James Hetfield From Metallica Cancels Australian And New Zealand Tour For Rehab
Credit: Source: LoudWire.com

According to a report from NBC News, James Hetfield, the frontman for the legendary metal band, Metallica, has entered a rehabilitation facility and the band will cancel their upcoming tour in two countries, New Zealand as well as Australia.

On Twitter on Friday, three of the band's members announced the unfortunate news, stating that Mr. Hetfield was going into rehab once again to handle his demons. Bassist, Rob Trujillo, guitarist Kirk Hammett, and drummer, Lars Ulrich, wrote in their statement additionally that anybody who purchased a ticket would get an automatic refund.

The band was supposed to play five different Australian cities from the 17th of October until the 29th of October, as well as four concerts in New Zealand as well. The statement claimed Hetfield has struggled with sobriety for many years and has since gone into another rehab program.

While the statement didn't go into much further detail, the band thanked fans for being understanding of the 56-year-old singer's condition.

James has been active in other parts of the entertainment industry as well, including a recent documentary where he took a look at pornography addiction and the effects it's having on people around the world.

Titled, Addicted to Porn: Chasing The Cardboard Butterfly, the documentary is the fifth movie from Justin Hunt and the fourth documentary in total. Previously, Justin had interviewed the Metallica frontman for his documentary, Absent, which documented the problem of absent fathers around the globe.

In the documentary regarding pornography, Hunt sought to expose the way in which internet pornography affects a person's brain, including the impact of modern technology, and how it exacerbates an already deleterious issue.

Over the last two decades, medical professionals and researchers have begun unraveling the effects of heavy internet pornography use, and the studies have shown that it can cause a number of issues, including serotonin depletion, erectile dysfunction, anxiety, depression, among other symptoms. Scientists have compared the symptoms of pornography addiction to other substance abuse issues, as well as gambling.

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