James Cromwell Apprehended At The University Of Texas During Climate Change Protest

James Cromwell Apprehended At The University Of Texas During Climate Change Protest
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According to a report from The Hollywood Reporter, police charged James Cromwell with hindering proceedings by disorderly at a Texas university earlier this week. Reported first by the aforementioned outlet, James Cromwell was detained by authorities on Thursday during a protest at A&M University.

Police apprehended Mr. Cromwell at approximately 1:35 pm during a meeting among the board of regents. Lieutenant Bobby Richardson from the university's security department confirmed the news of the actor's arrest. He was slapped with a class A misdemeanor.

Reportedly, the actor was apprehended by police alongside another man who was also protesting A&MU's canine laboratory. Cromwell is an outspoken advocate for animal rights and has been arrested multiple times before.

In a statement published by People Magazine for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, Cromwell stated that the university "torments golden retrievers" and other canines, and has been doing so for decades. According to the actor, they've been doing so under the guise of figuring out a cure for muscular dystrophy.

The actor went on to say in his statement that he and his friends at PETA were going to continue fighting until the animals were released and allowed to live freely. Authorities escorted Mr. Cromwell to the Brazos County Jail following his apprehension.

This wouldn't be the first time an actor/actress was arrested by police in the past thirty days. Last month, both Ted Danson and Jane Fonda were apprehended by the authorities in Washington, DC. Both performers were there protesting government inaction regarding climate change.

Previously, and on multiple occasions, Jane has explained that she would continue protesting the issue until the United States government decided to finally do something about it. Ted Danson was taken into the station as well on misdemeanor charges.

Video evidence showed Mr. Danson being taken into custody around 12:30 pm in the nation's capital. The journalist, Hannah Jewell, was the one to capture footage of the actor being pulled away by the authorities while other protestors cheered.

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  • Lucy Post
    Lucy Post Nov 2, 2019 8:47 AM PDT

    Nothing but respect for this wonderful man for speaking up for animals! There is no excuse for breeding dogs to suffer from this horrific disease, especially since the results from these cruel experiments haven't led to any effective treatments for the disease in humans in the last four decades. TAMU should put its resources into human-relevant research that offers real hope of a cure.

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