James Charles Reveals That He Got Another Surgery - His Second

James Charles Reveals That He Got Another Surgery - His Second
Credit: Source: NewsWeek.com

The YouTube beauty vlogger, James Charles, revealed to his fans on Twitter today that he underwent another surgery, or as he called it, "surgery #2." The star promised his fans and followers that he would provide a much deeper explanation in the future.

Charles said on his account that he was about to go under the knife for his second surgery, and then added that he would see everybody in a few hours. Shortly after, James took to his Twitter to give an update on how he was feeling, stating that everything went down very "smoothly" and the pain was minimal.

According to sources who spoke with E! News, James has received not one but two elective cosmetic surgeries this past week, however, they never revealed what he had done. The insider claimed both of them were very minor, but would have a great impact on his life.

One day before, James told his fans he was getting his first surgery and he appeared incredibly excited about it. When asked by fans what he had done, Charles joked that he was getting an "a** reduction." As a result, he found himself at the center of many surgery rumors.

Surgery rumors online actually suggested that James was going to get a procedure done to his buttocks. The Youtuber addressed them on his account and said it would take a lot of work to fix his "thicker than a snicker juicy caboose."

With all that said, near the beginning of the month, James indicated he was struggling with a medical problem, so there were a few fans of his online who thought his operation was medical in nature, rather than cosmetic. Initially, James thought he had an ear infection.

According to Charles, during his doctor visit, he went to get his ear looked at because it was plugged for about a week at the time. When the doctor looked at his sinuses, he happened to see his tonsils and claimed it was time to have them removed.

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