James Charles Opens Up About His Experiences With Backlash Earlier This Year

James Charles Opens Up About His Experiences With Backlash Earlier This Year
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Approximately six months after James Charles was embroiled in his biggest scandal yet, the YouTube influencer has gotten candid regarding the battle he found himself in earlier this year. Just Jared claims the YouTuber opened up about his feud with Tati Westbrook.

The 20-year-old influencer admitted that to this day, he still doesn't feel quite the same way he used to. Charles explained previously that the controversy led him to seriously reevaluate himself. The vlogger shared that the incident led him to struggle mentally for months.

Speaking with Paper Magazine, James admitted he still isn't in the place he wants to be in. Perhaps, the most difficult part of it all is the fact that it's now been around six months since it all went down, and he's still not entirely over it.

It's been half-a-year, so Charles assumed he'd already been over it, but it's just not true. As it was previously reported, Westbook accused Charles of betraying her and also spreading lies, in addition to talking badly about other influencers. She also accused him of sexually harassing straight men.

Following Westbrook's video, Charles lost approximately 3 million subscribers, dropping from 16.5 million all the way down until 13.8 million in just 72 hours. Moreover, people who didn't enjoy the way Charles handled everything began a hashtag on Twitter, "#JamesCharlesiscancelled."

Since the controversy went down, Charles has managed, however, to get his subscribers back up to where they used to be. Following Tati's video on the platform, Charles fired back with his very own response called, "No More Lies," where he denied the allegations that he was sexually harassing men.

Charles explained that the "hook-up" Tati referred to was actually with a bi-sexual person, and he later came out to the world about his true sexuality. James added that making such allegations against him was harmful to the LGBTQ+ community as well.

Later, Tati explained her situation at length, adding she felt it was necessary to dish on what really happened between them, that way everyone could understand what the feud was really about. Westbrook explained the fight wasn't just over "vitamins."

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