James Charles Is Being Dragged For Scamming Customers With His New Morphe Collaboration

James Charles Is Being Dragged For Scamming Customers With His New Morphe Collaboration
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James Charles has yet again landed himself in hot water. The Youtube influencer recently released another collaboration with Morphe but some customers feel it is a huge ripoff.

The James Charles x Morphe eyeshadow palette received mixed criticism from consumers. People seemed to love the pigmented bright colors that came along with it but lamented that it had no mirror.

Charles teased that he was cooking up something special for his supporters but fans were shocked at what they think is a blatant money grab.

A year since his first Morphe product launched, the 20-year-old introduced another palette. The difference is that it's significantly smaller, $14 cheaper, and there is a mirror this time.

Youtube and makeup enthusiasts took to Twitter to roast the guru.

'i rlly waited all day just for james charles to upload a video saying he’s putting out the same d*** palette as the first, but smaller. i—,' wrote one social media user.

Another one said: 'so james charles collaborated with morphe again and the new pallete is basically his old one in /slightly/ changed shades... ~ creativity ~'

There was one fan who seemingly wishes she waited for the new version: 'I can’t believe I paid like $40 for the James Charles palette only for him to get canceled a few months later. Now a year later he comes out with the EXACT SAME palette but SMALLER, with a MIRROR, and ONLY for $26.'

James responded to the critics with a funny tweet.

'really excited to announce that next week i'll be launching a medium size james charles x morphe palette perfect for in between time when you're not traveling but also not at home!! it'll be sooooo good i've been working on it for the last 29 months so hope u enjoy.'

Do you think James is in the wrong?

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