James Cameron Doubles Down On "Wonder Woman" Shade!

James Cameron Doubles Down On "Wonder Woman" Shade!
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James Cameron isn't apologizing for his criticism of the successful film, Wonder Woman, starring Gal Gadot and directed by Petty Jenkins. Previously, The Avatar director said the movie was a "step backward" for women in film and Wonder Woman was an "objectified icon."

Not long after his initial interview, his words became highly controversial prompting several criticisms from Patty Jenkins as well as Paul Feig from Ghostbusters' fame.


In a chat with The Hollywood Reporter, James said, "Yes, I'll stand by that," when referring to his initial words. James explained that, to him, it was very typical for an action movie to have Miss Israel in a skin-tight outfit.

It's not "breaking ground" according to James, they had people like Raquel Welch performing similar roles in the 1960's.

The Terminator director previously explained that his female lead in Terminator , Sarah Connor, was more "ahead of its time" than Wonder Woman because she wasn't a sex object in his films - she was a real individual with flaws, and the audience loved her.

In response to James' comments, Patty said, not every female character has to be "hard, troubled, and tough to be strong." However, James laughed and said, "Linda looked great, she just wasn't treated as a sex object."

Nevertheless, Cameron wants everybody to know that he thought Wonder Woman was a great movie; it just wasn't as groundbreaking as the Hollywood elite likes to tell themselves.

James followed up his comments stating he was shocked as much as anyone else that what he said initially was even considered to be contentious or controversial. However, Cameron is willing to concede that his initial remarks were "simplistic" on his part, but he's not "walking back" from his comments. He stands by them.


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