James Cameron Comments On Eliza Dushku's Molestation Claims

James Cameron Comments On Eliza Dushku's Molestation Claims
Source: Deadline.com

James Cameron, the director of the film, True Lies, where Eliza Dushku allegedly suffered molestation by her stunt coordinator, Joel Kramer, has spoken out about Eliza's claims, and said if he would've known, "there would've have been no mercy."

When James was speaking at the Television Critic's Association in Pasadena, California on the 13th of January, Cameron said although he hadn't given it much thought because he had just heard about it, there would've been swift retribution had the cast and crew found out.

Cameron said Eliza and all of the women crying out for change in the workplace are very brave for doing so, and he commemorates them for their courage to share their stories.

According to the Avatar director, abuse of power is ubiquitous throughout human social structures, not just workplaces and industries, so women who are choosing to speak up now that they have a much larger voice is excellent as well as necessary.

He said it's "heartbreaking that it happened to her, and I know the other party." However, Joel hasn't worked for James since True Lies was created over twenty years ago.

The Titanic creator said he hopes in the future, there will be mechanisms in place where people can come forward with their claims of abuse and will have systems to use for justice.

Cameron said it isn't just a Hollywood problem, it's an issue throughout society and Hollywood is merely a place which shines a light on it; something which the scene as a whole is good at.

As you may know, Eliza's allegations are just one of many to come out in the mainstream media lately. The accusations to start them all was those belonging to Rose McGowan involving Harvey Weinstein which were published by the New York Times.

Since then, nearly one hundred women have accused the producer of sexual transgressions of some type. Weinstein is not alone in the matter, with other prolific Hollywood figures suffering a similar fate.


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