Jameela Jamil Says She Won't Be Covering Up Imperfections With Body Makeup

Jameela Jamil Says She Won't Be Covering Up Imperfections With Body Makeup
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According to a report from Us Magazine, despite the fact Jameela Jamil has eczema and Ehlers-Danlos syndrome, she won't be airbrushing her photos or using body makeup to hide imperfections from now on. The star made the announcement on her social media earlier today, June 25th, Tuesday.

The actress said she has bad eczema all over her body as well as pigment loss from scratching. Moreover, Jamil claims to suffer from things like stretch marks, in addition to scars from cuts and other lesions.

The star said she "refuses" to allow others to use her imperfections as ammunition to make her look bad. As most know, Jameela has been more than vocal regarding her position toward body positivism, frequently taking to her social media to criticize others who promote cosmetic products that provide questionable or unresearched benefits.

The star recently slammed Kim Kardashian for her body makeup. The star said the 38-year-old reality star uses cosmetics to hide imperfections all over her body.

Jamil claims many other stars are more than willing to promote body makeup, which, inadvertently lead to more pressure for women to look utterly flawless.

Just a couple of hours after her initial tweet, Jamil went on to explain why body positivity is so important. The star said it's not uncommon for companies to use insecurities and other fears to market products to women, many of which are devoted toward hiding supposed "flaws" that are really just natural marks which many women have.

Jamil said body makeup is often a nightmare for one's clothing, furniture, bedsheets, and so on and so forth, so the products really aren't that beneficial for a person to use.

Jamil questioned the nature of imperfections, stating that it's strange that much of women's alleged imperfections are used against them to make money.

The star went on to thank her fans and followers who support the body positivity movement. As it was noted above, Jamil frequently criticizes the Kardashian-Jenner clan for promoting products of questionable value, many of which are quite expensive.

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