Jameela Jamil Says Billie Eilish's Support Of Justin Bieber Is The 'Purest Content' On The Internet

Jameela Jamil Says Billie Eilish's Support Of Justin Bieber Is The 'Purest Content' On The Internet
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Jameela Jamil was a huge fan of what Billie Eilish had to say about Justin Bieber's comments earlier this week.

As it was previously reported, Justin Bieber was interviewed by Zane Lowe for Apple Music's podcast, and the star became visibly emotional while explaining his support for Billie, including how he would do anything to stop her from going through what he had to go through when he came of age as a massive pop star in the social media era.

According to Vanity Fair, Jameela Jamil was just one celebrity who wrote a nice comment for Billie when she addressed Bieber's public support of her. She wrote in the comment section, "purest content on the internet."

Bieber says in the aforementioned video clip that he would have Billie Eilish's back no matter what because he didn't want her to go through the same thing he did. The 25-year-old singer-songwriter stated that if she ever needed anything, he would be there for her.

Earlier this week, Eilish shared a post of what she looked like earlier in her life, including pictures of her Justin Bieber merchandise and her childhood bedroom, much of which featured posters and other memorabilia in the singer's honor.

Some of the other biggest names in the entertainment industry shouted out to Eilish as well, even Cyprus Hill, the 1990s rap act who have since become legends.

In the very same interview, Bieber also discussed what it was like to be diagnosed with Lyme disease, his battle with depression and anxiety, as well as substance abuse issues.

Hailey and Justin got married back in 2019, after they first got their marriage license in September 2018. They're coming up on their sixth month anniversary now.

While Justin and Billie clearly support each other, and in a big way, Billboard reported that many fans of theirs were actually more excited about Billie's new song in the James Bond film , No Time To Die . In fact, people who voted in their poll stated that her song was more exciting than Justin's new record, Changes.

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