Jameela Jamil Reveals Past Suicide Attempt In Honor Of World Mental Health Day

Jameela Jamil Reveals Past Suicide Attempt In Honor Of World Mental Health Day
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The Good Place star, Jameela Jamil, revealed has attempted suicide before in honor of World Mental Health Day.

Jamil is an advocate for mental health, as well as promoting self-esteem and boy positivity. She is no stranger to keeping it real with her social media followers. Discussing her suicide attempt was no exception for the actress, who used Twitter to share her story.

"Today is #WorldMentalHealthDay This month, 6 years ago, I tried to take my own life. I'm so lucky that I survived and went on to use EMDR [eye movement desensitization and reprocessing] to treat my severe PTSD. I urge you to hang on just a bit longer and ask for help if you need it. Because things can turn around. I promise," Jamil began her message to fans.

The 33-year-old managed to share her experience while also sharing words of encouragement to her fans. Jamil is all about spreading inspiration messages to her followers.

"There is so much work to do in Improving awareness and mental health care, and we need to further de-stigmatize the conversation around asking for help. While you're gathering the strength, I recommend the work of @matthaig1 @Ayishat_Akanbi and @scarcurtis ALL my love to you," she ended her note.

Ever since joining The Good Place , Jamil has used the spotlight on her to become a role model for women and girls. She is a warrior for body positivity.

The actress has gone toe to toe with the Kardashian family , as well as other celebrities who shamelessly promote weight-loss products on social media. Jamil's outspoken mindset has earned her praise and backlash.

Reaction to her advocacy has not stopped Jameela Jamil from speaking her truth or her mind. Opening up regarding her suicide attempt six years ago is simply another example of how she wants to help others.

Along with mental health awareness, she has fought to have harmful weight-loss product ads removed from social media. All of her efforts are starting to pay off too.

Jamil shared with Trevor Noah that Facebook and Instagram have agreed to no longer show weight-loss ads to those under the age of 18. It is a massive win for the body positive advocate, but it is only the beginning.

The actress will not end until there is legislation in place that bands those harmful products.

"I'm someone who took these products, and I'm never going to have my full health back, and I'm damned if this is going to happen again 20-years later," she told Noah on his nightly talk show.

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