Jameela Jamil And Sara Sampaio Have A Huge Argument Over Body Positivity And The Modeling Industry!

Jameela Jamil And Sara Sampaio Have A Huge Argument Over Body Positivity And The Modeling Industry!
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Jameela Jamil and Sara Sampaio took to social media to argue over the modeling industry and the two stars fiercely shared their passionate but opposing thoughts, leading to a huge online war. Here’s what they had to say!

The Good Place actress and Victoria's Secret model's feud started with a tweet from Jameela.

She shared a video that showed models with fuller bodies than usual, dancing on the runway and seemed happy to see the healthy alternative: ‘Oh my god this looks like so much fun, and not a long starved, terrified teenager in sight. Beautiful.’

Seeing the post, Sampaio suggested that being body positive should mean being accepting of all body types instead of suggesting one was better than the other.

‘How about celebrating somebody without bringing other people down? Calling runway models 'long starved terrified teenagers' is extremely offensive. From somebody that's always preaching for body positivity this screams hypocrisy,’ Sampaio slammed the actress.

Jamil was quick to respond, defending her words by saying in part that ‘I did not say all models so try to calm down. But I'll say there's a *vast* majority issue with young girls starving themselves, and alsp using drugs and cocaine just to control their weight, to meet the really small sample sizes. If you do not see that, then you're in a bubble. I also do not preach 'body positivity.' I talk about moving away from all talk of body, in order to combat the current issue of eating disorder culture.’

Jameela made It very clear that it’s a big issue that no few women, especially those in the modeling industry, deal with.

That was not the end of the argument, however, as Sampaio insisted once again that while she did not say ‘all models’ she still put some women down in order to raise others up.

She went on to argue that eating disorders like with any addiction, including drugs is not exclusive to models but plagues the entire society.

As a model, she stressed that she’d know better the realities of the industry and that it was, for sure, not ‘the majority’ of the models who dealt with eating disorders and drug addiction.

Jamil then pointed out that she used to be a model, as well as a model agent and has model friends today who are all dealing with the unrealistic expectations that come with the job.

The back and forth continued for a long time, the two stars explaining what they meant in other words so the other understands but in the end, they did not find common ground.

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