Jake Paul Responds To Rumors Of FBI Raid - Claims It Had To Do With Arizona Looting Allegations

Jake Paul Responds To Rumors Of FBI Raid - Claims It Had To Do With Arizona Looting Allegations
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Jake Paul isn't interested in inaccurate reporting. The YouTuber took to his Instagram account this week to drop a video in which he contradicted the reports on the internet which claimed the FBI had raided his home to take illegal firearms away.

Earlier this month, it was reported that the FBI went to the YouTuber's home in Calabasas, California. Reportedly, the authorities discovered guns and weapons amid neighbors' complaints of hearing regular explosions and other bizarre sounds.

On his account, Jake said the "FBI raid is entirely related to the Arizona looting situation that happened." He claimed it was an investigation, and much of the reporting surrounding the raid was inaccurate or not true at all.

Jake went on to say the raid had nothing to do with him or his character. He added that the things people are "making up is absolutely absurd." As it was previously reported, Paul, 23, was put on blast when he was present for the looting of an Arizona mall.

Paul claims he was only documenting what was going on and didn't actually participate in the affair. Due to his indirect involvement, that being his presence on private property, the police charged him with criminal trespassing and unlawful assembly.

Not long after the police announced official charges against him, Jake Paul took to his Twitter account to say it was more important to focus on George Floyd and Black Lives Matter.

In his newly released YouTube video, Paul insinuated there was someone in his social circle who participated in illegal activity. The YouTuber claimed he didn't have time for people who are engaging in bad behavior. He said if someone close to him does something bad, "they will be removed from (his) life."

Paul also landed himself in the headlines again this year when he reportedly threw a massive house party in spite of the COVID-19 restrictions . Paul reportedly had dozens of people in his mansion.

The YouTuber is also in trouble regarding a $2 million tax lien.

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