Jake Paul Knocks Out NBA Player Nate Robinson In A Boxing Match

Jake Paul Knocks Out NBA Player Nate Robinson In A Boxing Match
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Jake Paul is definitely a controversial figure in the entertainment industry. This past Saturday, Paul faced off Nate Robinson, the former NBA player, in a boxing match which the former wound up winning. Hot New Hip Hop said it was clear that many people were hoping Robinson would win, but it was Jake who took him down in the end.

The outlet claims that Paul knocked out Robinson in the second round. Not long after the fight concluded, Paul bragged about his physical and athletic prowess and admitted there was a whole list of people he wanted to take on next.

According to Paul, he wants to get in the ring against KSI as well as Conor McGregor. It's been reported previously that Paul actually wants to become a professional boxer, rather than compete in exhibition matches that are largely for fan entertainment.


Paul said he was the one to "keep pushing that narrative," before going on to say that he wanted to fight an MMA fighter in the boxing ring such as McGregor. The YouTuber explained how Conor is really the only MMA ever to face off against another athlete in a boxing match.

Of course, Paul was referring to the classic fight between Conor and Floyd Mayweather which ended with Floyd's victory. Paul went on to say that he wanted to take on the people who are talking s**t to him on Twitter.

Regarding the fight against McGregor, sources have stated it's pretty unlikely considered Conor has already retired, and it's not likely that he'll come back to beat a YouTuber who isn't even a professional athlete or a serious contender in the UFC, for example.

Either way, this wouldn't be the first time a Paul was in the headlines this month. Jake's brother, Logan, was in the entertainment news circuit when he came out to say that he could easily beat Floyd Mayweather Junior if he wanted to.


Logan explained that he would probably lose in the boxing ring, but if he were to take him on in a street fight, Mayweather wouldn't have a chance.

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