Jake Paul Doubles Down On Anxiety Tweet Following Social Media Backlash

Jake Paul Doubles Down On Anxiety Tweet Following Social Media Backlash
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Fans of the Pauls know that the notorious pair of brothers are often in the media for controversial reasons. For instance, earlier this month, Jake Paul sparked social media vitriol when he expressed his candid thoughts on anxiety and how a person's mind and disposition may be at the root cause of the mental illness.

As it was previously reported, Jake took to his social media account to state that anxiety was "created by you," and when social media users came for him, he doubled down and stated that his comment "raise(d) awareness."

According to Page Six, Jake Paul took to his social media to state that he was happy to see his tweet was "spreading more awareness," adding that despite everyone "clowning" his tweet, it ultimately did some good for the cause.

Additionally, Paul admitted that he didn't even realize he struggled with anxiety in his life until he was 18-years-old. For years, he didn't even know he had the issue but has since learned how to deal with it as a grown man.

Paul went on to link to an article from HealthLine about how to deal with anxiety. On his account, Paul previously urged his fans and followers to understand that anxiety was in the mind, and if a person was struggling, it's best to "let life play out," talk to a friend and just remind oneself to be happy.

Social media critics claimed that Paul was clearly minimizing the mental health struggles of others, including the idea that a person should "go for a walk" and "chill." Fans of Jake Paul know that he has been in the media headlines for all sorts of reasons lately, including his short-lived romance with Tana Mongeau.

As it was previously reported, Jake and Tana got married in a ceremony - while never obtaining the official marriage license - but later called it off. Last month, Mongeau stated she was focusing on herself and getting better.

Mongeau spoke with Page Six back in January and stated that she was doing what was best for herself and also encouraging her followers and fans to do the same.

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