Jake Paul Calls Brother Logan Out For 'Hooking Up' With His 'Wife' In The Middle Of His Podcast!

Jake Paul Calls Brother Logan Out For 'Hooking Up' With His 'Wife' In The Middle Of His Podcast!
Credit: Source: yahoo.com

Logan Paul was spotted getting quite cozy with his brother Jake’s ex-wife Tana Mongeau the other day so, let the drama unfold! Sure enough, Jake did not hesitate to simply interrupt Logan on his podcast to slam him for supposedly ‘hooking up’ with the fellow YouTuber.

It’s safe to say that the brothers’ interaction was really awkward and quite cringe but what’s new?

It all happened yesterday on Logan’s Impaulsive podcast.

During the podcast episode, amid his interview with Ryan Garcia, Logan was shocked to see his younger brother waltzing into the studio!

Ignoring that an interview was taking place at the time, Jake simply walked straight to his brother and asked: ‘Dude, why’d you hook-up with my wife?’

However, he did not wait for a response and walked out immediately, leaving Logan, his co-host and the guest feeling speechless, embarrassed and desperate to save the interview after the awkward moment.

Logan can be seen starring, wide-eyed and at a loss for words, in the direction his brother had just left in.

‘He’s actually pissed off, dude,’ his co-host notes.

‘My heart is racing, actually,’ Logan admitted.

A producer who did not catch what Jake had said asked what it was and Logan repeated his brother’s words before drinking some water nervously.

‘Do you know what he’s referring to?’ the co-host asked Logan. Obviously, he had an idea!

After all, a couple of days ago, Logan and Tana were caught on camera by the paparazzi enjoying what seemed like a lunch date.

The two even packed some PDA but nothing that would make it a hundred percent sure that they were hooking up.

The two hugged tightly and Logan even planted a sweet kiss on top of Tana’s head at some point.

It could still have been just an outing between friends but Jake obviously doesn’t think so.


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