Jake Paul And Erika Costell Have A Fake Relationship And Aren't Dating

Jake Paul And Erika Costell Have A Fake Relationship And Aren't Dating
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If you thought wedding bells would soon ring for Jake Paul and Erika Costell, think again. Their relationship is fake and is only for the cameras. Paul admitted the fake relationship with Team 10 member Erika Costell in a New York Times interview. The couple that goes by the moniker "Jerika" has filmed numerous videos and shared many photos depicting the two in a relationship, but according to Paul, the two aren't even dating. The news came as a surprise to many fans who looked up to the couple and believed their relationship was genuine.

Speaking to the New York Times , Paul compared his fake relationship to Erika Costell to wrestling. He said that with wrestling, the audience knows it's fake and it's all done for the cameras.

Paul and Costell staged a fake wedding earlier this year, and though fans knew they didn't really get married, many have expressed shock on social media that the two aren't even dating.

Earlier this year, Erika Costell spoke to Refinery about her relationship with Paul, and though she didn't exactly come out and say their relationship was fake like Paul told the NY Times , she did make a reference to that.

She described their videos as being exaggerated and said that it's obvious for people to tell what is fake and what is real. Costell also said that you can only fake so much.

Apparently, not all fans agree because some are clearly surprised that the two aren't even dating in real life. While they readily admit they knew much of the behavior and antics were an exaggeration, they did think the pair were a real couple.

Some fans are expressing mixed reactions about the admission. While Erika Costell's statements to Refinery point to the possibility of some kind of relationship existing between the two, Jake Paul essentially shut down the notion by stating the two aren't even dating.

Not all fans are convinced though. Some think Paul is simply trying to keep his personal life out of the spotlight, but that seems doubtful compared to Paul's career that hinges on living his life on social media.

What do you think? Do you believe Jake Paul when he says his relationship with Erika Costell is fake? Are you shocked or surprised by the admission?

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