Jake Paul Allegedly Spotted Amid Arizona Mall Looters

Jake Paul Allegedly Spotted Amid Arizona Mall Looters
Credit: Source: TheVerge.com

A new report from Page Six suggested that the YouTuber, Jake Paul, has been accused of participating in the looting of an Arizona mall earlier this weekend following the death of an unarmed man in police custody, an event that kicked off protests across the United States.

TMZ reported that the 23-year-old can be seen wearing a mask amongst a crowd of protestors at the Fashion Square Mall, in Scottsdale, Arizona. At one point in the video, Jake can reportedly be seen outside of the mall while protestors launch fireworks at its entrance.

A man says in the video, "a bunch of f*cking idiots, bro." Us Magazine reported that it's unclear whether the voice of the person is Andrew Blue or Jake Paul. He goes on to say in the video that the "f*cking idiots," meaning the police, teargassed him, and he wasn't doing anything.

Next, the video features what appears to be the YouTuber around a crew of approximately twelve people, although, the video didn't depict Jake or his friends doing any of the lootings. People are seen in the video running away with some of the mall's products, entering a store, and also damaging a kiosk.

At another point, two individuals can be seen trying to kick open the door of another establishment, and the phrase, "America is in ruins," is written over the video.

Whether or not Jake was actually participating in the looting, it wouldn't be the first time he has been involved in a controversy. According to the Washington Post, Jake visited victims of Hurricane Harvey in order to collect donations for those who lost their homes.

However, when many of his fans showed up to the event, it allegedly turned into a "pandemonium," The Washington Post reported. The Pauls have been involved in a number of quasi-scandals over the last few years, including his brother, Logan.

Logan was involved in a massive controversy when he filmed a dead body in the Suicide Forest in Japan, and later uploaded it on his YouTube channel.

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