Jake Paul Accused Of Kicking Out Two Transgender YouTube Influencers From His House Party

Jake Paul Accused Of Kicking Out Two Transgender YouTube Influencers From His House Party
Credit: Source: PBS.com

According to a report from Page Six, a pair of transgender girls claim Jake Paul discriminated against them by kicking him out of their party for not being "real girls." Posted on YouTube, the social media influencers, Kendall Raindrop, and Lilah Gibney claim the Team 10 Video editor, Blaine O'Roark, asked them to leave the Team 10 property.

The outlet claims Paul previously said to Forbes Magazine that the Team 10 House was a place for up-and-coming social media stars. The star apparently was told "real girls were coming," and Paul wasn't being "disrespectful;" he just "wanted to be real."

Gibney stated she has never experienced that kind of discrimination in the house before, moreover, she claims there are other LGBTQ people there and it hasn't been a problem in the past. Speaking with reporters from Page Six, the star said, she and her friend have always been loved and respected by other influencers there.

Gibney added that she was "so shocked and disgusted" because of the treatment. The star said there is always a fear of being called out for being trans, moreover, a fear of someone being physically violent. According to Gibney, there are many trans people murdered on a daily basis.

Following the posting of the video, Gibney added, she was contacted by Adam Quinn, the manager of Team 10, who threatened to sue. Speaking at the two women, Adam said the situation could've been handled like adults, however, they chose a different route and turned it into a sensationalist story for views and clicks.

On Tuesday, Team 10 released a statement on their Twitter discussing the incident, saying Jake and the others have always embraced members of the LGBTQ community. The star went on to say he and the rest of his cohorts take the allegation very seriously.

Following their response, Gibney took to her account to say there wasn't anything to investigate because they have video evidence. On Tuesday, Paul came out to say people have continuously tried to cancel him on social media and on YouTube, and time after time, they were always revealed as liars.

Back in May, Team 10 was investigated over reports that someone had spiked their drinks as well.

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