Jake Gyllenhaal Says He Can't Wait To Become A Dad!

Jake Gyllenhaal Says He Can't Wait To Become A Dad!
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It sounds like the actor wants to become a father pretty soon because he’s been thinking about parenthood lately! During a brand new interview with Willie Geist on Sunday Today, Jake Gyllenhaal talked about his role in the Broadway show Sea Wall / A Life and since the play is pretty father-focused, it makes sense that Gyllenhaal ended up also talking about his own plans for the future as far as starting a family is concerned.

‘It's a show about faith and family and the mess and comedy of life, you know? It's really actually about two fathers. And about, for my character, someone who is just about to become a father and also he goes back to his relationship with his dad and the passing of his dad and how it makes him feel, becoming a father,’ he explained.

Jake then went on to mention that ‘You know, I am not a father. I do hope to become a father one day.’

This is not even the first time Gyllenhaal opens up about his desire to be a dad.

In fact, he told ET all about it back in 2015 as well!

At the time, he dished that ‘I am not a father yet, but it is definitely a dream of mine, should I be lucky to have that happen.'

As for his interview for Sunday Today, the star also talked about his role in Brokeback Mountain back in 2005, a movie that truly made his career!

‘It opened tons of doors. It was amazing. It was crazy. It was amazing. And it's defined my career in different ways,’ Jake raved about it.

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