Jake Gyllenhaal Believes Sean Paul Is The GOAT - He's Not Interested In Paul Haters

Jake Gyllenhaal Believes Sean Paul Is The GOAT - He's Not Interested In Paul Haters
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During an interview on BBC Radio 1's Unpopular Opinion game with Greg James this week, Jake Gyllenhaal sat down with the host to say that he's an incontrovertible fan of the singer, Sean Paul. Following a listener who called in to describe Sean as "overrated," Jake fiercely defended Paul, describing him as having the ability to instantly make every song better.

The Donnie Darko alum said, "there's not a song he's on, a remix that he's on that isn't good." Furthermore, Gyllenhaal said perhaps the thing he likes most about Sean Paul is his ability to make sitting in traffic at least somewhat enjoyable.

The Spider-Man star said that the moment Sean Paul comes on the radio, the instant reaction to the music is to start dancing. Finishing off the interview with Paul's song from 2016, "Cheap Thrills," the 23-year-old, Holland, said he was surprised to see that Gyllenhaal was such a fan of the track.

After the 46-year-old performer caught wind of Jake's praise, the star took to his Twitter to thank the  Brokeback Mountain  alum. Jake isn't the only person who adores Sean Paul's music, as a recent report from Spin Magazine gave the singer similar praise.

Written by Andy Cush, the Spin writer said that Gyllenhaal became instantly animated when defending Sean Paul, stating that the artist was a true "genius." Gyllenhaal claimed there isn't a moment in Sean's career that's downtrodden.

Andy said that Jake was right, Sean Paul is responsible for arguably some of the greatest songs ever written. Cush went on to say that Sean has been around since the early 2000s, and some of his songs came out at a time when young Millenials were first discovering their sexuality and "awkwardly grinding" at school dances.

Perhaps, Sean's most famous song is the track, "Like Glue," which was released on the 1st of July in 2003. The song hit #13 on the Billboard Hot 100 and was a hit around the world, moreover, Pitchfork labeled it the 325th best song of the 2000s.

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