Jake Gyllenhaal Admits It's Time For Him To Work On His Personal Life

Jake Gyllenhaal Admits It's Time For Him To Work On His Personal Life
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Jake Gyllenhaal has been busy working on his career for years now, but he's ready to start focusing on his personal life, a report from Entertainment Tonight recently revealed.

After years of appearing in huge movies like  Brokeback Mountain,  and some cult films like Donnie Darko, Jake said he was ready to start focusing on those closest to him.

During a conversation with British Vogue, Jake said he's "interested in my life," at this point, more so than his career. The star claimed he was feeling a lot more hungry in terms of his personal life rather than his career.

According to Jake, he's put a lot of time and energy into becoming a successful actor, and he's now ready to work on meeting new people and enjoying himself more. Gyllenhaal claims that part of the realization came from the coronavirus pandemic, which led him to speak with loved ones a lot more.

Furthermore, Gyllenhaal, who has been dating the French model, Jeanne Cardieu, for several years, thinks that he has babies sometime in the future. Jake said at the end of the day, it's all about having kids and making art.

Jake went on to offer praise to his mother and sister, stating that the way they've been talking a lot more lately as a consequence of the coronavirus pandemic is really amazing to him. In case you missed it, this isn't the first time Jake has talked about having kids.

In the middle of a promotional campaign for the Broadway production, Sea Wall / A Life, this past July, Jake stated that he hoped to become a dad sometime soon. He made his comments while speaking with Willie Geist.

Additionally, during a conversation with Entertainment Tonight in 2015, he said he wasn't a father yet, but it's definitely a dream he thinks about often. He went on to say that he would have to be lucky enough to achieve such a dream.

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