Jailbird Abby Lee Miller Slams Dance Moms Replacement Cheryl Burke From Behind Bars: 'The Show Will Be A Huge Failure!'

Jailbird Abby Lee Miller Slams Dance Moms Replacement Cheryl Burke From Behind Bars: 'The Show Will Be A Huge Failure!'
Source: popcrush.com

It sounds like Abby Lee Miller is not at all happy with her Dance Moms replacement Cheryl Burke. We have learned that the reality TV star is slamming Burke from behind bars, telling everybody that the Dancing with the Stars celeb was ‘an awful choice.’

According to a jail source, ‘She’s deeply offended that the network would choose Cheryl to replace her. She just thinks she is not a good dancer, to begin with! Abby thinks the show will be a huge failure and is saying that she can’t wait for it to fail.’

As those who keep up with the hit show may be aware, back in May, Burke revealed she is not going to use the same method of teaching as Miller after taking on her new role.

She explained that she doesn’t believe in shouting at the kids even though she is still strict and expects the best out of her students.

But from her point of view, Miller went too far and pretty much traumatized everyone involved, be it the children or the mothers.

Later, Abby shot back by saying that Burke’s comments were ridiculous.

Sadly for her, however, Miller will not be able to confront her replacement face to face for months to come.

The dance instructor is currently serving a year-long prison sentence for fraud.

Do you also think that Dance Moms will fail without Abby Lee Miller?


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    SPARKLE Sep 25, 2017 6:51 PM PDT

    Cancelled Abby didn't lie. Abby called it right

  • Charlie
    Charlie Sep 19, 2017 7:38 PM PDT

    Abby Lee Miller made Dance Moms successful. The moms of those dancers are awful people and awful mothers. Abby Lee was their teacher and not their guardian. Abby Lee made those girls who they are today and they should be thankful to have learned under a talented legacy like Abby Lee Miller. Very disappointed in the lack of loyalty. Very disappointed that Abby Lee went to jail when dealers, rapist and addicts roam the streets. If she were a man she would have been fined and sent home.

      SPARKLE Sep 25, 2017 6:53 PM PDT

      So true.

  • Ms.Tamayia Ingram
    Ms.Tamayia Ingram Sep 19, 2017 1:35 PM PDT

    Nope! ! LoriAnne is fit!

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