Jaden Smith And New Balance At The Center Of Trademark Infringement Lawsuit

Jaden Smith And New Balance At The Center Of Trademark Infringement Lawsuit
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Jaden Smith and New Balance recently unveiled a new product launch in the form of shoes, the New Balance Vision Racer, Hot New Hip Hop reported today. According to the outlet, the shoe design is part of the new fashion trend in which footwear is often large and chunky.

However, the New Balance shoes have been hailed for having an environmentally friendly design in which less harmful materials were used. While the product has been praised by fans and critics alike, New Balance is reportedly under siege by another company.

The Fashion Law reported this week that the Authentic Brands Group LLC filed a lawsuit against New Balance in the Southern District of New York in the US District Court. Fashion Law says ABG owns the right to the term, "Vision Streetwear," and they use the term, "Vision," on many of their products.

The lawsuit states that the company feels as though New Balance has unfairly used the same word on their design, thus, confusing the new two brands. ABG says the company has taken their design too far, especially their use of the term, "Vision."

They've alleged that it was an intentional marketing tactic to link the two products as if it's a part of the Vision Streetwear Brand. Currently, the group is trying to get $2 million in the suit, and they're also trying to stop the collaboration between Jaden Smith and New Balance altogether.

Furthermore, ABG has requested New Balance stop using the term effective immediately. Fans of Jaden know the young entertainment industry figure, who just so happens to be the son of Will Smith, has been all over the headlines on a number of fronts lately.

For instance, the aspiring rapper and designer was rumored to be in a relationship with Sofia Richie following her split from Scott Disick, the Keeping Up With The Kardashians star. Mr. Smith later came out to say he and Sofia were just friends and were hanging out platonically.


Sofia and Scott split up around the same time as he entered a mental health facility to get over the pain of losing his parents.

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