Jade Cline Throws Shade At Her 'Immature' Boyfriend During New Interview

Jade Cline Throws Shade At Her 'Immature' Boyfriend During New Interview
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The tenth season of Teen Mom started on a pretty explosive note for Jade Cline and Sean Austin. Furthermore, while discussing their argument during an interview with HollywoodLife, the woman did not hesitate to diss her boyfriend, admitting she feels like they might just end up drifting apart!

The reason? Well, it looks like Jade thinks Austin is really ‘young-minded’ and stuck in his ways which means that she is the only one who continues to grow and mature in their relationship.

In other words, she fears that his ‘stagnant’ way of being will ultimately leave her no choice but to break up with the man.

On the premiere of season 10, earlier this month, the pair got into a spat when Sean accused Jade of snooping through his phone.

Now, she tells HollywoodLife that ‘I feel like we aren't on the same level, the same page, I guess. I feel like I keep growing and prospering and he sort of stays stagnant. That is my issue. He is just very young-minded. And, I feel like I keep growing and just getting older and he is almost 30.’

‘I just turned 23 and I feel like I am choosing to learn and prosper and he is not on the same page as me when it comes to anything, really. I feel like we're just different. We think differently. We disagree on a lot of different things. I feel like we are honestly just different people that had a child and are trying to just be parents. But, I mean, it is hard, because I feel like we are really different.’

It sounds like Jade has realized that people can be very different sometimes and that causes relationships to fail so if nothing changes for the better, their romance might as well not survive either.

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