Jada Pinkett Smith's Mother Says She Had 'Nonconsensual' Relations With Her Husband

Jada Pinkett Smith's Mother Says She Had 'Nonconsensual' Relations With Her Husband
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Jada Pinkett-Smith's mother, Adrienne Banfield-Jones , who is a reoccurring guest on Red Table Talk , opened about her past relationship with Robsol Pinkett Junior, Jada's father. In a trailer for a new episode of the series, Jada asks her mother if she ever had a sexual experience that wasn't consensual.

The 67-year-old said to her daughter that she did, but it was a difficult situation because it was in a "grey" area. Banfield-Jones claimed she did have non-consensual sex one time with her husband, so it's hard to call it rape or assault.

The 49-year-old, while looking visibly surprised by what she heard, claimed it was a "grey" area, but she hears about such things happening to women a lot. Reportedly, Jada will talk about sexual consent and other deep topics with women like Amber Rose , DeAndre Levy, as well as Rumer Willis.

Fans of Red Table Talk know Banfield-Jones has talked about her challenging relationship with Robsol in the past. For instance, during the second season of Jada's Facebook series, Jones claimed she had been victimized during their romance. She was physically abused.

Adrienne explained to her daughter that her father was a "violent drunk," and he once gave her a "black eye." Banfield says he got really drunk one time and started hitting her in a blind "rage." It wasn't easy to hear about such things happening to her parents, Jada remarked.

Reportedly, Robsol passed away from a drug overdose back in 2010. Jada Pinkett-Smith, on the other hand, has often been held in high regard by people in the black community, in fact, both she and her husband, Will Smith, have been shown a lot of respect for their relationship.

Earlier this year, the couple was in the headlines, however, over their "entanglements" controversy in which it was alleged that Jada had been seeing another man while she and Will were on break from each other. Smith dated August Alsina briefly.

Will Smith was put on blast on social media, but people such as Offset from Migos came out to defend him, arguing that Will could steal all their girls if he wanted to.

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