Jada Pinkett-Smith's Mom Doubles Down On Olivia Jade's 'Frustrating' Red Table Talk Appearance

Jada Pinkett-Smith's Mom Doubles Down On Olivia Jade's 'Frustrating' Red Table Talk Appearance
Credit: Source; Page Six

Olivia Jade took to Red Table Talk to give her first interview about the college admissions scandal that landed both of her parents in prison. Jada Pinkett's mom who co-hosts the show made it clear that she was not pleased by her decision to choose their platform to speak on.

Although Adrienne Banfield-Jones fought tooth-and-nail for Olivia not to be on the show, she did respect that she faced off with her. However, it still was a delicate situation considering that Jade chose a show hosted by three Black women when Black people get in trouble for much less for what they did and suffer way harsher consequences.

She recently revisited the topic where she was blatantly honest once more.

'It was frustrating, but at the end of the day, I felt like people understood how I felt,' she told People Magazine.

Adrienne added: 'There were some things about it that were a little frustrating. I felt like as a 21-year-old young adult, that she needed to be way more aware of what’s going on in the world, and that was a little frustrating.'

The host feels that Olivia was a bit too oblivious to her privilege and at the age of 21 -- she should have been more informed. One way she could've done that was by simply turning on the evening news.

'I heard people make comments, like, 'Well, kids don’t watch the news.' Please. The news on TV is not the only place where you understand what’s going on with the world and if you think that then you’re old! Because young people are not relying on the news — my generation is not relying on the news. I'm on my phone, on social media all the time.'


Social media users agreed with Gammy when the interview aired and still do now.


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