Jada Pinkett-Smith Starts Crying Over Her Mother And Father's Abusive Relationship

Jada Pinkett-Smith Starts Crying Over Her Mother And Father's Abusive Relationship

According to Jada Pinkett-Smith, the wife of Will and mother of Jaden and Willow, she knew from the very start that her mother and father had a "violent relationship" in its beginnings. Airing on the 19th of November, the latest episode of Red Table Talk featured Jada talking about domestic violence.

On Jada's award-winning series, the women, including Adrienne Banfield-Jones, discussed the way in which females can fall into a pattern of abuse and violence within their families.

During Adrienne and Robsol Pinkett Junior's romance, he supposedly was abusive toward her. Banfield-Jones recalled one incident where Robsol allegedly threw her over a banister and caused a black eye as well as a scar which she has on her back to this day.

According to Banfield, he was never violent like that when he was sober. He had to be in an "altered state," as she put it. And the culprit was alcoholism. Jones described her mindset at the time, stating that she believed it was love.

Furthermore, she recalled one incident in particular where they started fighting over something that she couldn't even remember. It got so bad that she felt she had no choice but to leave as fast as she could; she ran "for her life."

Jones said he was hitting her, "in a rage," and leaving the den into the master bedroom where Jada still was. Fortunately, she knew that her ex-husband would never hurt her.

After finally getting her hands on Jada, he supposedly came after her, and then after that, they ran to the neighbor's house to get help. From this altercation, she realized it was time to pack her things and move on from that mess of a man.

Regarding Jada's response to all of this, she said she remembered some of those abusive moments. "I knew that my mother and my father had a very violent relationship early on," the actress explained.

Jada's father died eight years ago in 2010. Fortunately, other family members had better experiences with him. Willow, Jada's daughter, claimed she has positive memories; she saw him in a different light.


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