Jada Pinkett Smith Shared A Picture Of Her Bad Hair Day, And It Went Viral For This Reason

Jada Pinkett Smith Shared A Picture Of Her Bad Hair Day, And It Went Viral For This Reason
Credit: Credit: BET

Jada Pinkett Smith looks great no matter what she does with her hair while, like many women, she is battling alopecia, a condition in which the person's hair can unexpectedly fall out in patches.

Will Smith's wife recently took to social media where she showed off her blonde curly hair and amazing skin and used the following caption: "Bad hair day. Oh, well."

Many fans rushed in the comment section to praise Jada and to remind her that she is flawless no matter what she says, and she cannot have a bad hair day because she is a queen.

One backer explained: "You still look good okurrr❤️ Your face is gorgeous alone!"

A second follower claimed: "You do not suffer from bad anything, beauty. Glow girl, u look fabulous as usual. 💯🔥😍 Still beautiful and hot, you are a queen."

Recently, Jada opened up about her hair loss on her popular Facebook Watch talk show, Red Table Talk .

Jada spoke about the "terrifying" moment she first noticed she was losing "handfuls of hair" in the shower.

She stated: "It was one of those times in my life where I was literally shaking with fear. That's why I cut my hair and continued to cut it."

Jade said she has not been able to identify the reason for her alopecia but believes it might be stress-related. Perspective helped Jada cope with the situation.

She said: "The higher power takes so much from people... and, by golly, if the higher power wants to take your hair. That's it? When my hair is wrapped, I feel like a queen."

This week, Rep. Ayanna Pressley, the fiery Democratic from Massachusetts, spoke about the condition that she shares with Jada many others.

The congresswoman stated: "My twists have become such a synonymous & a conflated part of not only my personal identity & how I show up in the world, but my political brand. And that's why I think it's important that I'm transparent about this new normal & living with alopecia."

She went on to say why she decided to speak about her hair loss struggles: “It’s about self-agency. It’s about power. It’s about acceptance. I think it’s important that I’m transparent about this new normal.”

Pressley is a rising star in the Democratic party.


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