Jada Pinkett-Smith Reveals Her Darkest Moment - "I Was Suicidal"

Jada Pinkett-Smith Reveals Her Darkest Moment - "I Was Suicidal"
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Jada Pinkett-Smith has been nothing but candid in her new Facebook series, Red Table Talk , featuring her mother, Adrienne Banfield-Jones, as well as her young daughter, Willow Smith. Speaking on divorce, marriage, relationships, sexuality, and shame, the Scream alum recently dove into the world of mental health.

According to UPI.com, Jada told her story of becoming "extremely suicidal" in her twenties. When she first began as an actress, Jada explained, it became so stressful at times that she once had a nervous breakdown.

"I had an emotional breakdown," the wife of Will Smith said, adding, "I feel like (it) affected my mental stability." Jada was with Adrienne and her daughter Willow in this new episode.

According to the mother-of-two, she had arrived in Los Angeles and achieved considerable success, hoping that everything would be ok if she succeeded. However, things actually became worse, rather than better.

At 19-years-old, Jada landed her role on TV in True Colors. And in the following year, she suffered her "emotional collapse." Her condition became so bad that she became "extremely suicidal."

The star said she felt as though she had no control of her emotions, thoughts, or ideas; there was a significant loss of mental clarity. At that time in her life, Jada admitted, she didn't even understand what it was she went through.

But now, as an adult, she understands that it was a complete mental breakdown. Previously, following Anthony Bourdain and Kate Spade's suicides in the summer of 2018, Jada spoke about mental health issues. The star said their deaths pushed her to remember what it was like to struggle all of those years ago.

As it was previously reported, Kate Spade took her own life in June of 2018, as did Anthony Bourdain just three days later on the 8th. "Mental health is a daily practice for me," Jada said, adding that it's a practice of "self-love."

Mental health has become a subject of contention once again, including the recent posts from  Saturday Night Live  star, Pete Davidson, who uploaded a cryptic message on Instagram this past Saturday.

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