Jada Pinkett-Smith Flaunts Her Figure In A Bikini To Ring In The New Year

Jada Pinkett-Smith Flaunts Her Figure In A Bikini To Ring In The  New Year
Credit: Source: Jada Pinkett Smith/Instagram

Jada Pinkett-Smith kicked off the new year by flaunting her age-defying figure in a blue, tropical-print bikini. She shared a photo of herself wearing the bikini on her official Instagram account where she has 10.7 million followers. Fans couldn't stop commenting on how youthful Jada looked in the snaps. Jada is 49-years-old and the mother of two and looked flawless. One person asked how Jada still looked 22-years-old!

Jada shared the following caption along with the photo where she posed showing off her platinum blonde locks and beautiful smile.

I welcome you 2021 with open arms. I have no expectations. I’m going to be still and grateful✨💖✨

The photo had a vibrant, blue background that looked magnificent with the colors of her bikini. Jada was makeup-free and showed off her flat stomach and toned arms and legs as she kneeled down on the beach for the summery shot. You could see a dock with a flag standing in the midst of sea-green water in the background.

Source: Jada Pinkett-Smith/Instagram

Jada wore jewelry with the bikini including layered gold necklaces that featured an ankh symbol. She wore layered diamond bracelets on her wrist.

Many of Jada's followers found her photo inspiring and liked that she said she had no expectations for the new year. Jada is at a place in her life where she is introspective, reflective, and thankful. One person thanked Jada for her Red Table Talk Facebook program that has attracted millions of viewers.

And gorgeous!! Thanks for the red table talk platform !! Love the topics you chose to discuss this year !! 🙏🏻🙌🏻

Jada is known for her charitable nature and giving spirit. She recently spoke on her Facebook series and discussed that she doesn't lend people money but only gives it away. Jada stated the following.

I do not lend money because that turns into a lot of problems, just as far as the expectation of people paying back or what have you.

What do you think about Jada Pinkett-Smith's photo and her bikini body? Can you believe she is 49-years-old?

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