Jaclyn Hill Sparks Controversy By Dressing As Herself For Halloween -- Here's Why People Are Mad

Jaclyn Hill Sparks Controversy By Dressing As Herself For Halloween -- Here's Why People Are Mad
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Jaclyn Hill has found herself under fire yet again this time for a Halloween costume. However, the only offensive thing that she did was dress as herself!

The Youtuber threw a party that attracted the top stars of the video website. Everyone had fun dressing as their wildest fantasies for the Halloween party.

Jaclyn showed up in gory gear that stated that she was 'cancelled' -- a play on her drama from earlier this year!

The makeup guru attempted to launch her lipstick line but fans were disappointed and potentially hurt with the products they received. While some claim their lip products had a 'hairy texture' others found pieces of what seemed to be glass shards in the cosmetic.

Hill originally apologized with a lengthy video explanation where she explained what went wrong. She assured her fans that she and her team researched why her products were defective and gave out refunds for all of the trouble it caused.

The artist decided to make light of the situation and cancel culture with her costume but fans were not impressed.

One Twitter user tweeted: 'I’m sorry, but wearing a costume that mocks the very people who supported you & you let down, treated shamefully & lied to isn’t empowering or showing the “glam & ugly side of the industry”. It’s tone deaf, un-self-aware, & arrogant. # JaclynHill once again plays the victim.'

Another said: 'I want you to do better @ Jaclynhill so if you read this, keep that in mind. It’s one thing to make light of a situation that is seemingly unworthy of being canceled for. It’s another to make an apology video, hoodie and all, and then post stuff like this. This is tone deaf.'

'You should Google things like "accountability, CEO behavior, quality control, customer service, product recall, mold, contamination, FDA rules, business etiquette, refunds, and health risks associated with cutting your lip on a lipstick,' someone else advised.

Hill put out a statement that her outfit 'had nothing to do' with her fans or customers and said it was merely mocking cancel culture.

Do you think she is in the wrong?

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