Jaclyn Hill Shows Off Her Stretch Marks To Silence Critics

Jaclyn Hill Shows Off Her Stretch Marks To Silence Critics
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In the age of social media, you no longer have to be a singer or actor to gain a huge following which is both a blessing and a curse. When you're famous online, you're subjected to harsh criticism as well as praise -- just like Youtuber Jaclyn Hill.

The cosmetics line owner has gained weight throughout the past few years and unfortunately, fans, as well as strangers, have gone out their way to shame her for it. Instead of blocking and ignoring the trolls, the makeup artist has decided to get real about the changes on her body.

Hill recently made a video addressing the talk surrounding her appearance. She revealed that she's gained 2 pounds in the last 7 weeks and that people fat-shame her every day.

Jaclyn is not going to hide her body and give in for the online bullies. The Youtuber showed off her stretch marks while speaking about the subject.

'I’m going to gain weight. And I know I keep bringing up the whole weight thing and the reason I do that is not because of my own insecurities, but because of what I see on the internet. The constant comments about my weight — it doesn’t stop.'

She then directly speaks to the body-shamers.

'Why is it okay to call people fat? Where did this come from? Like, I can’t gain a few pounds because maybe I’m happy, maybe I’m depressed. I can’t gain a few pounds without the internet calling me fat? You think that I look bad? Imagine how I feel. Today I was taking a shower and discovered that I have new stretch marks. Can you see them coming in? They’re like little pink tiger stripes. And honestly, I’m over it. This is my body. This is where I’m at. You guys need to accept that I’ve gained weight.'

She also shut down rumors that she was pregnant and trying to keep it a secret. The video is going viral while Jaclyn is being praised for being brave and honest.

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