Jaclyn Hill Can't Escape Drama: Youtuber's Makeup Palette Leaked Just Before Launch

Jaclyn Hill Can't Escape Drama: Youtuber's Makeup Palette Leaked Just Before Launch
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Jaclyn Hill seemingly can't have a smooth rollout when it comes to her new makeup ventures. The palette to her collab with Morphe leaked online last week just before its release.

Unfortunately, the Youtuber couldn't do anything about it except confirm that it is her property but promise that the leaked photos don't do it justice.

She spoke about the situation via Instagram Stories.

'There are photos of a palette floating around the Internet right now that somebody has leaked and people are wondering if it's real, if it's fake, if it's my future collaboration, and sadly yes it is. Anytime that someone leaks your product, it's devastating, especially these photos because the lighting is terrible and the palette is damaged. I don't know if someone did this out of pure evil or somebody in the factory was trying to make a dime, the whole situation just sucks ass because I wanted to post it in a genuine way from me, the person who created it, and to have that taken away from me sucks. But, I am just trying to bulldoze over that and take the power back into my own hands since I am so damn proud of this product and want to show you guys how amazing it actually is.'


This is her second collaboration with the brand and there is already drama around something as simple as the names of the eyeshadows. There is one that's named Positivi-tea and has been accused of being a copy of Jeffery Star and Shane Dawson's eyeshadow named reali-tea.

She has denied that she copied the name and said that it was set in stone before their palette was revealed.

This isn't the first time something has gone wrong with one of her beauty ventures.

Last year, Hill's lipstick line was trashed for being contaminated and she offered everyone who purchased a flawed lipstick a refund.

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