Jaclyn Glenn Says If She Didn't Stage Intervention, Eugenia Cooney Would Have Died — Says She's Still In Danger From Her Mother

Jaclyn Glenn Says If She Didn't Stage Intervention, Eugenia Cooney Would Have Died — Says She's Still In Danger From Her Mother
Credit: Source: Jaclyn Glenn/YouTube

Jaclyn Glenn has received tremendous praise as well as criticism for her video that revealed she stated an intervention for fellow YouTuber Eugenia Cooney who was suffering from an eating disorder. For the record, Eugenia has yet to make a public statement in response to Jaclyn Glenn's videos discussing her charges that Cooney's mother is negligent at best and downright abusive at worst who continued to neglect her daughter's health and failed to provide medical attention for Eugenia who was clearly emaciated and in need of help.

As Shane Dawson interviewed Eugenia who never named the eating disorder, but confessed to being in rehab and receiving treatment for one, Jaclyn countered with a video saying that Eugenia is still in need of help.

She has now created a new video to explain why she spoke out after Shane's interview with Eugenia in the first place. Though many credit Jaclyn's intervention with saving  Eugenia, some say it wasn't Jaclyn's place to speak out about their personal issues.

Eugenia has yet to comment about how she ended up in rehab and has neither confirmed or denied Jaclyn's accounts.

Jaclyn Glenn holds no punches in the video and she makes it known that she believes as long as Eugenia Cooney is living in the same household with her mother, she will be in danger.

You may see Jaclyn's video below.

Here is a video of Eugenia Cooney and how she appeared at the approximate time Jaclyn states she staged the intervention with several friends in order to save Eugenia's life.

Jaclyn never ceases to hold Eugenia's mother accountable for her daughter's condition. Jaclyn wants to make it clear that she loves, supports, and is happy for Eugenia's happiness, but is in great fear that as long as Eugenia is under what she believes is her mother's manipulative control, Eugenia will never be truly healthy.

When addressed with accusations that she shouldn't have been so involved, Jaclyn states that she lost a friend to suicide and truly believed that Eugenia would have died without help.

It's unclear if Eugenia will ever speak out and address Jaclyn's concerns, statements, and accusations that Eugenia's mother fought the intervention every step of the way.

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