Jackie Goldschneider Says She's Been Blessed With The Opportunity To Share Her Eating Disorder On RHONJ, But She Doesn't Like The Jokes

Jackie Goldschneider Says She's Been Blessed With The Opportunity To Share Her Eating Disorder On RHONJ, But She Doesn't Like The Jokes
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Real Housewives of New Jersey star Jackie Goldschneider says that her eating disorder isn’t something that she purposely brings up in conversation, but she has always felt that it was something that needed to be talked about. Now, she has a platform on RHONJ to share her struggle and to help others, but it hasn’t been easy.

Speaking with Us Weekly , Goldschneider said that her life is an open book, and if there is something going on in her personal life that she thinks could help someone feel like they’re not alone or something that resonates with others, then she is happy to share it.

Goldschneider explained that it wasn’t easier to talk about her eating disorder on RHONJ , it just gave her the opportunity to talk about it. And, even though she is happy to do that, it upsets her when people judge her based on the ideas they have about people who have eating disorders.

She first opened up about her struggle last season, and Goldschneider admits that it makes her uncomfortable when her co-stars watch what she eats.

“Like when people joke about, ‘Well, Jackie doesn’t eat,’ or people watch what I’m eating and they comment. Like that, that’s what upsets me because I don’t like the stereotype surrounding it,” Goldschneider explained. “But everything I went through, I mean it was terrible, but it doesn’t make me cry now. What makes me upset now is when people judge me based on things that happened in my past.”

In the Season 10 trailer, Goldschneider’s dad told her that her eating disorder was “almost worth it” because it makes her a “good inspiration to kids who are heavy.” And, she responded by telling him, “Dad, I almost died.”

Goldschneider says that she was “caught off guard” by her dad’s comment, and she said to herself that his words made him “look like such an a**hole.” She says it’s obvious that her father loves and adores her, and he would never want her to do anything that could lead to her death.

She says that’s not at all what he was saying, and she understands that. But, she isn’t sure if other people know it. Goldschneider thinks that her dad was acknowledging how upset she was for years when she was trying to lose pounds because she was significantly overweight, and now he sees how confident and strong she is. She believes her dad knows that she feels good about herself and her body.

However, Goldschneider doesn’t believe her dad understands just how close she was to losing her life because if he did, he wouldn’t have made that comment. She also thinks the comment shows the disconnect between older men and younger women, and what they understand about a woman’s body.

Jackie Goldschneider says it upset her that her daughter heard her dad’s comment because she never wants her to think something like that.

New episodes of Real Housewives of New Jersey air Wednesday nights on Bravo.

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