Jack White Comes Out In Defiance Against Homophobic Act At His Concert

Jack White Comes Out In Defiance Against Homophobic Act At His Concert
Credit: Source: ConsequenceOfSound.net

Jack White wasn't pleased with the staff working at his concert in Canada. According to a report, staff members at the Rogers Place in Alberta told two women not to kiss each other during the concert, a spectacle which perturbed the former frontman of The White Stripes.

On the 2nd of November, an employee asked Allyson MacIvor to stop kissing her friend, and then physically interjected himself between the two women. The reasoning for why he did so hasn't been unexplained by the venue or the employee.

When the incident occurred, White was in the middle of performing The White Stripes hit, "Seven Nation Army." A staff member said to the two women that kissing wasn't permitted there.

MacIvor went on to describe the guard's intrusion as both "violating and intrusive," and she never would've thought to experience such a thing, but unfortunately, she did.

When the employee escorted the two women to the venue's manager, he apologized "profusely," and then the Oilers Entertainment Group, who organized the event, also apologized.

Despite their apology, she said it "still didn't help" the hurt she and her friend endured. Following the report, the 43-year-old musician took to his Instagram account to condemn their decision.

In the caption of a picture of a Beatles concert all the way back from 1964, featuring two women kissing, Jack wrote that it was now "2018 and two people shouldn't have to hide," their infatuation with each other.

At his next show in Calgary, White dedicated his song, "Love Interruption," to them, and said that everyone in the crowd was supposed to kiss each other. White urged those in attendance to promote acceptance and love everywhere.

While White doesn't appear in the headlines too often, his work ethic has continued to help him secure collaborations and side projects with other musicians and artists.

Following the breakup of The White Stripes, in which he played alongside his ex-wife, over ten years ago, White has since released three albums. He also had a side-project called The Raconteurs who released a critically acclaimed record in 2008.

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