Jack Gleeson Who Played Joffrey In Game Of Throne Gets Married In Ireland

Jack Gleeson Who Played Joffrey In Game Of Throne Gets Married In Ireland

Jack Gleeson was one of the most hated people on the planet at one point but not because he is a bad person, rather because he played the character of King Joffrey in Game Of Thrones, and Joffrey was a cruel ruthless spoiled brat young king who stayed alive in the show for way too long according to the opinions of most fans.

However, today we separate the character from the actor as recent reports suggest that Jack Gleeson got married in Ireland to Róisín O'Mahony in a small and humble wedding.

Parish priest Father Patsy Lynch gave the inside scoop regarding the details of the event.

The wedding took place at The Sacred Heart Church in The Glen and according to Father Patsy it was a "very simple, prayerful and dignified marriage ceremony."

Father further added that this was actually a pre-wedding event, "The real ceremony will take place over in England, but the family have been holidaying down here in Ballinskelligs, The Glen, for many years and they have so many happy memories here."

Father said that the atmosphere in the church was very relaxed and he gave the credit to the modesty of the event. He said, "I think it was the sheer simplicity that just touched everyone, and everyone was happy and content."

Of Jack Gleeson, Father confirmed that he was nowhere near anything like his character in Game of Thrones. Father said that Gleeson was a simple and humble man.

Father explained his interaction with Gleeson in the following words:

"When I met him, it was as if we knew each other all our lives, he's that kind of person. There's nothing artificial."

Father shared the pictures from the wedding to Twitter:

The wedding was indeed humble and down to Earth as Gleeson wore a simple Green button down shirt and hi wife wore a pretty but hardly extravagant wedding gown, while holding a tiny bouquet of pink flowers.

Fans wished the person they previously associated all of their rage with, a happy marriage, and learned to separate the character from the actor.

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